Jorge Mañá Award winner, Marina Drópez, shares her experience of working at Flood Herslow Holme!

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15 května, 2024


After submitting my application for the Jorge Mañá Award, I was informed that I had been awarded! I have always been enthusiastic about the Nordic countries, and from the outset, I was convinced that I wanted to take advantage of this experience to go to Stockholm and learn about how a law firm operates in that country.

When making my choice, I researched the various firms which are members of the WLN network (there are a many options!) and decided to choose FHH Law Firm. Since they informed me that they accepted my internship at their firm, they have always been very attentive in preparing for my arrival. For instance, they contacted me via email to inquire about the areas of work I was interested in and to organize a first meal at a typical Swedish restaurant as well as a farewell dinner on the last day.

I arrived in Stockholm the day before my first working day at FHH Law Firm. I stayed at Kungsholmen Island so I had to take the metro to get to the firm. It is the fastest way to move around the city and fortunately I didn’t get lost! FFH is located in the city center so it was perfect to do sightseeing after finishing work.

Once I arrived at 9:00 in the morning, Lina, Alice and Matilda came to greet me and introduce me to the rest of the team. From the beginning, they were always concerned about how I was doing and if I needed anything, so I only have words of gratitude towards them.

On the first day, all the colleagues went out to eat at a Swedish restaurant, and it was the best opportunity to meet the entire team. I totally recommend letting yourself be advised by locals and trying all typical Swedish food, it is a great experience!

During the week I had the opportunity to work with partner Anne Stenson on the review of a commercial contract, and it was very interesting to discover how they approach the issue from a different perspective. I also helped with various litigation and inheritance law issues where Spanish law applied.

On Wednesday after lunch, I had the opportunity to assist in the weekly “Swedish fika” where all the colleagues sit together to eat a typical Swedish sweet and drink coffee. That week the selected sweet was “Kanelbullar” which is cinnamon pastry, I totally recommend to try it.

On Friday we had an after-work at the office and then we headed to a very cool and modern restaurant to have dinner. It was amazing to have been able to share good moments with all of them, I could not have imagined a better week! However, I could not leave Stockholm without going to a Swedish nightclub so we went to a very special local place to dance and listen to Swedish music.

Finally, I would like to thank all of the FHH lawyers for this great experience and giving me the opportunity to learn about their work, culture and traditions. I hope to see all of you very soon and do not hesitate to contact me if you come to Barcelona in the future.

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