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19 února, 2024


We are very happy to see two of our WLN member firms meet in person this week after some years apart due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Read more about Jackie Wu’s visit to  Bufete Mañá-Krier-Elvira below.

Jackie Wu, Long An Law Firm in Shanghai:

After 2019, finally got the chance to visit Bufete Mañá-Krier-Elvira during Chinese New Year in 2024. The moment when the welcome CAVA was opened, it felt like nothing had been changed in past four years. I’ve known David and Gloria for almost 8 years. Although we haven’t been able to meet fact to face in recent years, the communications through calls, e-mails, and project collaborations have never stopped.

In cross-border projects between China and Spain, we need to consider both Chinese legal and foreign exchange management requirements, as well as Spanish tax and legal requirements. Although the world is changing fast, the friendship between international partners, development globally and international collaborations will only grow stronger.

Thank you for the warm hospitality again and hope to see all of you soon!


David Elvira Benito and Gloria Vinyals, Bufete Mañá-Krier-Elvira in Barcelona:

This week we had an amazing visit in our Law Office: Jackie Wu from our WLN Partner in China. The relationship between China and Spain has been more and more intensive in the last decade.

Although the pandemic may have paused some business between both countries, it has not prevented the clients from Bufete Mañá-Krier-Elvira from keeping their businesses there and that we have been working with Jackie in Shanghai. It is always important to have trusted Lawyer on both sides, and that is what we have achieved through our cooperation with Jackie. Happy to extend this know-how for other potential Spanish investors in China, and Chinese investors in Spain.

Thanks, Jackie, for your fantastic visit, we will see you soon!


For further information, please contact:

David Elvira Benito, Partner

Bufete Mañá-Krier-Elvira, Barcelona


t: +34 93 4878030


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